Eubage Health Innovation will be at the Belgian pavilion


Eubage Laboratory develops, produces and markets ethical nutrients and nutritional supplements of pharmaceutical quality. By strictly adhering to the pharmaceutical industry’s good manufacturing processes (GMP), Eubage laboratory offers the strongest guaranties in terms of analysis, traceability and purity of all raw materials used in the development of exclusive formulas that guarantee an optimal result.


Eubage Laboratory develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of optimal quality ethical nutrients and nutritional supplements. These realizations confirm the best guarantee in terms of analysis, traceability and purity of raw materials respecting the good manufacturing practices established (GMP).

The raw materials considered in the formulas proposed by Eubage Laboratory are exhaustively checked according to the latest analytical techniques in strict compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia. A qualitative method of scoring, at all stages of manufacture, in accordance with GMP standards, is strictly observed by internal controls covered by the Public Health European administrations.

  • Raw materials carefully chosen for their purity, all with protocol of analysis including the physical and biochemical effects, but also an exhaustive certified microbiology.
  • Packaging facilities under pressurized atmosphere, filtered and UV debacterized, ensuring an environment free of cross contaminations.
  • Industrial high-tech production machinery calibrated and certified.   
  • Team of professionals mastering the perfect high quality at all stages of production process under the direction of an internal responsible of production authorized by the AFSCA (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) and all European Public Health Ministries.

These criteria are strongly focusing the elaborations of Eubage Laboratory to meet the highest requirements.