Eubage Laboratory develops, produces and markets ethical nutrients and nutritional supplements of pharmaceutical quality. By strictly adhering to the pharmaceutical industry’s good manufacturing processes (GMP), Eubage laboratory offers the strongest guaranties in terms of analysis, traceability and purity of all raw materials used in the development of exclusive formulas that guarantee an optimal result.

Priority to Innovation

Eubage Laboratory is associated with several academic research projects in the development of patented processes of nutrients and nutritional supplements assimilation, especially in the biocatalysis field.

Eubage Laboratory headquater is located on the Scientific Park of Louvain-la-Neuve. A world renowned research and development site dedicated to life sciences, and engineering, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals products, in close partnership with the Catholic University of Louvain. This business park focuses an exceptional know-how and technological expertise. 150 enterprises gain the right of exploitation according to strict criteria (Abbott, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Monsanto, Omnichem, Pfizer, Shell, Wyeth, ...).

In this very high level context of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical engineering, Eubage Laboratory proposes advanced and mature answers to markets of ethical nutrient and nutritional supplement throughout Europe and tends to accelerate the development of its range, guaranteeing factual impacts, through the integration of the latest scientific developments processes.