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Biocatalyst C89

(Brevet n° 2009/0704)

Enzymes are biological catalysts involved in many essential reactions of the organism. These macromolecules of protein or RNA recognize specifically certain molecules to accelerate their transformation reactions in order to be compatible with the organism cycle : they are biological catalysts, or biocatalysts. Regulating the enzymatic activity normalizes the cellular metabolism. This activity depends strongly on the conformation of the enzyme, and therefore the shape of its sites, which can be modified via phosphorylation and dephosphorylation.

The enzymatic bar created and perfected by Eubage Laboratory develops mostly enzymatic reactions for the categories describing the process of hydrolase, oxidoreductases and cellulases, considering their participation in various biocatalytic and synergistic biochemical reactions. This enzymatic bar, exclusively vegetable compounded, develops essential enzymatic biocatalysis actions to raise intensely the assimilation and bioavailability of vitamins, minerals and dried plant extracts on a base of rice starch for its chelating properties and initiators of amylopectin.

Enzymatical value of Biocatalyst C89

(360 GDU + 200.088 TU + 20 BAPA + 375 CMCase + 86 KNU-B)/g.